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Hi everyone my name is Kimberly Harden. My tumblr name used to be KAHTHR but I've changed it and my new tumblr name is Kimberly-Chan.

I will follow you back if you decide to follow me.

I do post and reblog a lot just to warn those who follow me.

I do also post or reblog Yuri & Yaoi (but mostly yuri)

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Cosplay is Love

Kim-Chan's Hentai Blog

Hell Yeah Attack on Titan

Fuck Yeah Kise Ryouta

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Posts I Like


olaf + his carrot nose

requested by: frozenmagic94

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Artist: pocAran Work: "青黒"
※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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by Winny

※ Permission to upload this picture was given by the artist

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Air into Water

Favorite Waterbending move hitherto demonstrated by my boo, Korra.

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I will put their URL in a notebook and hand it to Aidan Turner and say “These are all the tumblr users that think you’re awesome.”

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random Shinji sketch time

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"He’s so HOT"

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